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How can working with a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner help you?

By helping you develop a financial road map regardless of the financial stage of life in which you find yourself. The benefit of having a financial "plan" or blueprint is peace of mind. Whether the unexpected is happening or things in life are quiet, it's best to have a guide for direction. I've helped some develop their first plan and worked with seniors who've never had a formal plan. The principles and benefits are the same regardless of age or financial experience.  

The Accumulation Stage

This stage starts with your first paycheck and goes until approximately five years prior to retirement. The focus is on creating good habits and accumulating savings and wealth using all the tools available to you.  

  • Building up an emergency fund
  • Managing debt and living within your means 
  • Using a company retirement plan savings plan, such as a 401(k), 403(b), SIMPLE IRA, SEP IRA, or other plans that may be offered 
  • Opening Roth IRAs
  • Setting up a college savings plan  

The Pre-Retirement Stage

Retirement may mean changing your job, volunteering, or stopping work altogether. Whatever your desire, about five years prior to this "change," there are new planning considerations.

  • Re-evaluating your retirement assets and developing a retirement income plan from your investments
  • Analyzing your social security options
  • Reviewing health care considerations
  • Examining pension choices if applicable
  • Doing estate planning 
  • Considering long-term care funding sources
  • Assessing the needs of aging parents

The Retirement Stage

This stage of your financial life is usually characterized by some combination of work, recreation, volunteer, or family activities. It calls for some significant financial decisions, such as: 

  • Careful investment management as you draw income from your portfolio(s)
  • Finalizing your decision as to when to take social security
  • Finalizing your estate plan
  • Managing health care costs 

Leaving a Legacy

This is where your legacy goes beyond assets or investments.    

  • Clearly communicating your intentions to family members or interested parties
  • Acquiring the necessary documents to effectively and efficiently pass your assets along 
  • Considering charitable giving either while alive or after death
  • Considering those nontangible things you would like to pass along